Spring Half Term 2018

The Sum of its Parts

As you might expect, QM has been thriving and bustling since the last blog entry and it only becomes more challenging to condense the incredible life of this school into a CoS blog post. Nevertheless, using the school’s four pillars I will attempt to give you a glimpse into just some of the school’s many achievements. 

Generous in approach…

 The two biggest events that give this pillar its support have been Fireworks Night and Burns Night. The fireworks event continued its legacy as one of the most popular pupil engaging events of the year. The incredible work of the parent volunteers, staff and pupils culminated in a vibrant celebration that brought together the school and the community of Walsall.  

How to follow that up? Enter Burns Night: the event that consisted of a casino, three course meal, live band and traditional games all in one, pulsating evening. Again the work of all involved ensures that the school has much to owe to its volunteers.

 The combined benevolence of the people behind these events and the guests who attended ensured that the two events combined almost entirely contributed for the school’s new minibus. Having spent most of my school life on these minibuses, I cannot thank everybody involved enough for ensuing the future of extracurricular activity in the school.

 Enterprising in spirit…

 New initiatives are a part of life at QM. No more so than two that immediately spring to mind this year for me: the reimagining of school PSHE and the establishment of the 6th form Futures Evening.

 In seven years at QM, this has been the strongest and widest reaching mental health week I have experienced at the school to date due to the incredible dedication of Mrs. McPhee in her work. The ‘Diversity Role Models’ workshops that ran throughout the week were a fresh insight into the LGBTQ+ community and are a vital step in enforcing QM’s position at the forefront of diversity and mental health.

 Mr. Matley’s initiative for the 6th form: Futures Evening was a new addition last year but was built upon this year. Furthermore, a plethora of informative and engaging speakers continue to deliver talks to the 6th form to best prepare them for life after QM.

 These initiatives exist with the enterprise of members of staff who are committed to ensuring QM continues to provide a cutting edge education.

 Academic in purpose…

 There is no questioning this pillar in the life of the school. It doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves but writing this it has struck me that this pillar pervades so much of everyday QM life outside of lessons.

The school’s longest running society, ‘The History Society’, runs fortnightly seminars to increasingly large groups of pupils thus broadening their historical knowledge and historical skill set. New societies such as Year 7 ‘Science Club’ and old favorites such as ‘Engineering Society’ continue to thrive off of the intense academic ability of every QM pupil.  

I am in little doubt that these opportunities feed into the impressive exam results and commitment to a fantastic education that exist at QM.  

International in outlook…   

This term is swiftly developing a reputation as being the term that sees QM jet set off to incredible destinations in incredible numbers. The ski trip ran again this year to Aprica, again in conjunction with QMHS as the schools forge ever-closer bonds. For the first time, the school visited Geneva on a trip to visit CERN as both humanities students and scientists enjoyed the cultural offerings of Switzerland.  

Yet, not only is QM broadening horizons into the world, but the world is coming to QM. Just this past week, QM played a host to Chinese New Year celebrations showcasing how QM is now also becoming a hub of culture and is committed to its place in the Mandarin Excellence Programme.  

I am very aware this has been one of the longer blogs but I make no apologies for this. It simply goes to show how QM is becoming a thriving, bustling community that boasts increasing numbers of achievements and experiences to its pupils.  

Yet, ‘ask not what your school can do for you but what you can do for your school’ (Kennedy incase you were wondering). None of this would be possible without the brilliant team of pupils, staff and parents who always produce more than the sum of their parts in providing the chance for QM to be the best possible school it can be.  

One final note, congratulations to Mr. Langton on his appointment as Headmaster. No one represents the sentiment of thriving teamwork in this blog entry more. 

Thank you,


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